Friday, August 8, 2008

The Genea-bloggers' Games: My Goals ...

The Genea-bloggers' Games officially start today, and I have decided to participate in the competition as much as I can. August is going to be a busy month for me for various reasons, but primarily because I am getting ready to go back up to school. Posts for this month will be fairly light, but I'll try my best.

So, here are the categories I am going to compete in:

Back up your data!

My primary goal for this category is to finish scanning documents and old photos, and to back those images already saved to my flash drive onto CDs. I do not know how much more I will be able to accomplish for this category, but I will do my best.

Write, Write, Write!

For this category, my goal is to accomplish as many of the tasks as I can. I do not know how many posts I'll be able to write and post, but I will try my best to do as much as I can.

Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!

For this category, my goal is to try to accomplish at least two or three of the tasks. Again, since my time is going to be fairly limited, I do not know how well I will be able to do, but I will do my best.

Well, I think those are the only categories I will be participating in. I do not intend to compete in the cite your sources and organize your research only because I do not know how much time I will be able to devote to the Genea-bloggers Games. I just hope to be able to accomplish at least one or two tasks in all of the categories.

On another note, here is the flag that I will be representing:

The three flags are of the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. The United States flag represents my home country, and the flags for Germany and the United Kingdom represent the known ancestry of my ancestors up to this point.

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