Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Looking For My German Ancestors Part 4

In my previous post, I wrote about more of my research into my ancestor Carl. In this post, I want to mention a bit the research that I have done on his possible relative, Fred.

According to the 1894 Michigan state census, Fred came to the United States about 1890. I did look for a Fred in the passenger lists, and I found a man who could be him entering the port of Baltimore in the early 1890s. I'll have to do more research, though, to prove that that is him. Either way, Fred had apparently lived long enough in the U. S. and Michigan to apply for naturalization records, and he became a citizen in 1896. Unfortunately, his naturalization record (or what I have of it) does not indicate where he came from. In that same year, he married a Hulda Witkopf, and by 1900, they were living in Fitzgerald, Georgia. By that time, they would have a daughter as well. In the early 1900s, the Atlanta Constitution reported that Fred's wife and daughter went north to Bay City, Michigan. I do not know who they were visiting exactly, but it could be possible that they visited Carl and his family, since they lived there. Fred, like Carl, also earned a living as a baker.

Fred and his family would continue to live in Fitzgerald, Georgia in the 1910 and 1920 censuses. In September 1926, Fred died, and after that date, I do not know what happened to his wife or daughter. I have not been able to find either his wife or daughter in the 1930 census.

In a future post, I will continue to write about my research into my German ancestors, but I will focus on another branch. Stay tuned ...

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