Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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I just recently read an interesting article on's blog about their offer of free genealogy help in the future at Jamestown. From what I have gathered from the post, this offer is to people find out whether or not their ancestry traces back to Jamestown. It seems to be a generous offer, but I don't know if they are going to offer free access to databases on their website to everyone else. Not everyone will be able to go to Jamestown to take advantage of the offer. (It would be nice if that did happen.)

You can read more about this offer here:

I wonder what's customers think about this offer. I realize that it costs money to put records online, but I have to agree with others that Ancestry's subscription prices are a little too exorbitant. From what I have read of other people's comments (I realize that this is not the most a reliable source), apparently has had recently a poor track record when it comes to customer service. From what I have read of some of the comments on Ancestry's blog, Ancestry removed some records late last year without notifying its customers, which of course, angered many customers, and that Ancestry has been slow in responding to customer complaints.

To those who are customers, what do you think about this offer?

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