Monday, June 4, 2007

More blogs listed

I've added several more blogs today. You can find these and others on the lower left side of the page. Here's the list:

  • C. McNicholl's The Scottish Genealogy blog
  • Daniel Morgan's Genealogy blog
  • David Lambert's blog
  • Family Bibles blog
  • Family Research: English, Scottish and Irish Genealogy News and Articles
  • Footnote blog
  • Renee Zamora's Genealogy blog
  • Steve Danko's Genealogy blog
  • Susan E. Smith's "Midwestern Genealogist"
  • Teri's Pennsylvania History and Genealogy blog
  • The Genealogue
  • Wally Huskonen's Ohio Genealogy blog
  • West in New England
  • Melissa's Australian Genealogy blog

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