Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Genealogy blogs and some History blogs added

As the title of this posts states, I've added more blogs to the left side of the page and I've divided the blogs into genealogy and history categories.

The genealogy blogs added are:

  • Jasia's Creative Genealogy blog
  • John D. Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog
  • The Genetic Genealogist
  • Unofficial Footnote blog

The history blogs category is a new a category that I added today. You can find the history blogs right below the genealogy blogs.

The history blogs added are:

  • Maggie's Civil War Women
  • Old Picture of the Day blog
  • Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt's History On Trial

If anyone has any other suggestions for history or genealogy blogs, please leave me a comment with the address, and I'll post them. All suggestions are appreciated.

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