Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Know You Are a Michigander When ...

I noticed earlier today that Moultrie Creek had posted "You Know you're a Floridian if ..." a few days ago, and died laughing while reading the post. So, in light of that post, I felt I had to create my own list about Michigan.

You know you are a Michigander when ...
  • You point on your hand to show where your hometown is.
  • You are unfazed by the sudden change in weather or the inaccuracy of the weatherman's weather report.
  • You refer to Windsor, Ontario as a sister city.
  • You refer to the driving seasons as "Construction" and "Winter."
  • You call the day before Halloween, Devil's Night.
  • You call the people who live in the Upper Peninsula, "Youppers."
  • UP means the Upper Peninsula.
  • You visit another state and consider the car ahead of you, going the speed limit, too slow.
  • You continue to drive in bad weather after all the other cars pull over.
  • You know how to drive in bad weather.
  • You think nothing of driving on a road covered by a couple of inches of snow.
  • You think nothing of driving at 80 m.p.h. or more on the freeway.
  • You are not surprised by a temperature drop of 4o degrees from the day before.
  • You consider your winter warm when you have had very little snow.
  • You associate the first couple of weeks in November with deer hunting.
  • You hear, "Tri-County," and think Metro-Detroit.
  • You take it for granted that the Lions will lose.
  • You estimate the distance between two locations in minutes.
  • You consider Hockeytown another name for Detroit.
  • You refer to Detroit as "Motown."
  • You call coke and Pepsi, "pop."
  • You still go to school even though it snowed the night before.
  • You are used to driving on bad roads.
  • You know how to play euchre.
  • You expect to drive the same distance to a place in the U. P. as you would in driving to Tennessee.
  • You hear the term, "Inland Lake," but do not associate the Great Lakes with that term.
  • You can go north or east and end up in Canada.
  • You are used to cold weather.

This is all that I can think of when it comes to Michigan. I hope you found this funny. Any other additions are welcome. Enjoy.

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