Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cookie Baking ...

Let me begin by saying that I love cookies. (Yes, I have a big sweet tooth.) A few days before Christmas my family would always make a variety of desserts and most of those would be cookies. The chocolate chip cookie would almost always be among the types made. And I usually would help my mom by making cookies.

About five years ago, my family hosted a Christmas party, and I helped my mom by making the cookies. Among the cookies that I remember making were Russian Tea Cookies and these brandy-and-chocolate cookies. I don't remember the exact name of them, but I do remember that they tasted very good. (I also remember one of my cousins reaction to trying one of these cookies. He didn't like them because they tasted different.) Oh, I do remember that I accidentally poured a little bit more of the brandy into the mix than was called for, and no it was not intentional.

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Apple said...

Sounds like my rum balls. I've substituted whiskey why not brandy? Sounds like something great to try with a flavored brandy. I have to keep them on a separate plate to keep the kids from trying them but for a couple of guys on my cookie list it wouldn't be Christmas without them.