Friday, January 4, 2008

1908: Where Were My Ancestors?

Earlier today, Lisa over at 1oo Years in America blog, put a challenge for other genealogy bloggers to write about where their ancestors were in 1908.

So, where were my ancestors in 1908? Well, they were living in various places ...

Some of my ancestors were living in the United Kingdom. Some of my ancestors were living in the county of Lancashire. Other ancestors who were living in England, I am not as positive as to where they were living, but they were most likely living in Bedforshire county. One ancestor, I am not even sure if he was still living in Scotland or was living in England. I do not know at the moment.

As for my American ancestors, most were living in Michigan: either in Detroit, or rural counties such as Saint Joseph County and Gladwin County. Other ancestors were living in Cleveland, Ohio. For one of my ancestors, I don't know where he was living are time, as I have not been able to find him in the 1910 census. He was either living in New Jersey or some other state. I do not have any clue, as he was working as a salesman and was traveling at this time.

So, as you can see, I still have holes that I need to fill, and I don't know exactly where all of my ancestors were at that time.

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