Monday, January 21, 2008

About Scotland's People ...

Earlier today, I noticed that Dear Myrtle had posted on the site of Scotland's People. Even though this article was on the site joining with another U. K. genealogy site, I thought that I would post an article about the site.

Scotland's People is a pay-per-view site to view the vital records and census records of Scotland up to the early 1900s. Usually one pays for a price for a number of credits for a period of a time. I have never tried the site, although I have read the about information on the website. Again, I did not mention this site in my previous post because one has to pay for credits to view the information. The purpose of my previous post was to mention free sites.

I have not tried this site as I haven't had the opportunity to do so. Also, I do not know how beneficial this site would be to me as my research has indicated that my ancestors only lived in Scotland for about a generation. Therefore, I don't know if this site is any benefit to me.

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