Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Genealogy Blogs Added!

Today, I have added a few more genealogy blogs. The blogs added are:
  • Caddo - My Home Town
  • OneGreatFamily Blog
  • The Polish Pioneers of Calumet, Michigan
  • Why My Family Genealogy Would Make A Great Western

You can find these and other genealogy blogs on the lower left hand side of the page. Any suggestions for other history or genealogy blogs are welcome.


Kathryn Doyle said...

Hi Jessica,

I stopped by and saw that you also have ancestors from Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Which townships do you research? Mine were mostly in Dublin, Tell and Shirley. It's beautiful country. I spent a couple of days there back in June 2001.

Mary said...

Jessica- Thanks for including my blog on your site! I am happy to do research for people seeking their ancestors from Caddo, Oklahoma. Any information I find for someone else adds to my own knowledge of my hometown. In addition to the blog, I also maintain the Caddo website at It includes photos, history, etc. Thanks again. mary