Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Reading Challenge: Book Review Two

Well, I finally finished reading the second book I chose to read for this challenge. The book I chose was Making Your Dreams Come True by Marcia Wieder (New York: Harmony Books, 1999). From the title of the book, one can readily determine that this book belongs in the self-help category. This book is about 230 pages long, and includes a workbook that assists the reader in making his or her dreams come true.

The author takes the reader step-by-step on how to achieve one's dreams, through advice on how to change one's thoughts and with exercises in the chapters. Even though this is a short book, I would not rush through one's reading of the book. This is a book that one should read and work along.

So, how does one achieve his or her dreams? Well, I would read the book to find out.

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