Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family History Center Visit 8

I just happened to get back from the local Family History Center about an hour or so ago. Unfortunately, I did not have very much luck today with my research. The two microfilms that came in a couple days ago were the Saddleworth, Yorkshire church records and the Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania microfilm. I first took a look at the English church records, but I was unable to find my ancestor's baptism in that church. It may be very possible that he was baptized at a different church. I'll have to look at other church records from the area.

With the second microfilm, I did not have any more success as when I looked at the microfilm, I discovered the film in the box was not what I wanted. Somehow, either I or the lady who rewrote the number on my slip got the number incorrect. I don't know if the Family History Center will exchange this film for the right one or not, but hopefully, I'll have more success when I do get that record.

So, as you can see, I had a terrible research day. I decided to order another microfilm for Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, so I'm hoping that I'll have better luck when that microfilm comes.

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