Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Close Encounter With the Supernatural? ...

Since the topic of this upcoming edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is on stories of supernatural encounters (either fact or fiction), I thought I would share a couple of stories. Of course, I'll have to let you guess if they are true or false.

So, here is the first story:

Way before I was born, when my mom was in high school, my grandma had a dream about her father-in-law, my great-grandfather. A few days later, my mom and her friend were walking through a cemetery, and she happened to be thinking about her grandfather. (He had been ill for awhile.) Later on that day, my mom went back home, and found out that relatives had called to let her family know that her grandpa had passed away. He had died three days earlier, on the day my grandma dreamed about him.

And now, here is the second story:

A few years ago in late July, I went down to an ancestral home with my grandparents to do some research on my family. While we were down in that area, we decided to visit some of the graves of our ancestors. After we found out where our ancestors were buried in one of the cemeteries, we decided to go over there and take some pictures of the graves. After wandering around the cemetery, trying to locate the section that the graves were in, my grandfather finally found the graves. I wrote down the information on the tombstones, and I took pictures of the graves. After we were done, we got back into the car, and started to leave the cemetery. As we were leaving the cemetery, I started to shiver, and I still do not know why as it late July at the time. (It was pretty warm that day.) So, exactly what it was, the air conditioning or something else, I do not know.

So, those are my two stories, and I hoped you enjoyed them. Now my dear readers, it is your turn to figure out whether or not these stories are true or false. I will not post the answers until a week after October 15, so I'll be giving you plenty of time to make your decisions. You can leave your guesses as comments, and if you have any other thoughts, you are more than welcome to post those as well. Have a hauntingly enjoyable time reading!


Jasia said...

I think both stories are true. They are believable. Eerie, but believable.

Apple said...

I'm with Jasia - both are creepy but true.

Janet Iles said...

I agree with Jasia and Apple. The stories are true.

I will check back to find out.

Steve said...

I think both stories are true. I could imagine both really happening.


FamilyTwigs (Sheri Bush) said...

I think both are true!