Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who's That Baby?

For the seventh edition of the Smile For the Camera Carnival, I thought I would post another mystery photograph. As you can see, there is a baby sitting on the bush with a bottle. I do not know who this baby is, nor do I know where or when this picture was taken. I have no idea if this baby is a relative or if this baby is the child of one of my great-aunt's friends. All I know is that this photograph was in my great-aunt's photo album that is in my grandmother's possession. If anyone has any idea who this baby is please, e-mail me at: jess_history at yahoo dot com. Thanks!


Miriam said...

Cute baby...sorry I can't help to identify him/her.

I love the new look for your blog!

T.K. said...

You gotta hand it to that little one, so determined to drink that bottle despite the picky accomodations!

Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

Wow, what a cute picture. Next time you meet up with some of your relatives bring the picture! I had a few of my "unknowns" identified that way. Good luck.