Friday, December 26, 2008

How Do I? Two Questions ...

I've been thinking about the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy lately, and I'm just wondering what I should do to improve it. Lately, I have been having difficulty getting enough submissions for each edition of the carnival. Does anyone know how I can increase the number of submissions for the carnival? Also, does anyone know how I can garner more attention for this carnival?

Any suggestions or advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!


Apple said...

The only reason that I have not contributed is that I really have done no reseach in this area. The only suggestions I can give you (and I don't know if they will help) are to try an open topic edition and for specific topic editions see if you can find articles out on the web to fill in with. Look at the early editions of the CoG for inspiration. Perhaps you could consider making the carnival bi-mothly or quarterly. I have enjoyed the past editions of the carnival. I will add a link to the Carnival on my sidebar, as I should have long before this.


Andrea Christman said...

Hi Jessica!

I am new to blogging and carnivals and all things associated with it! I have a few comments, but please forgive me if you have addressed these in the past! One thing is that when I went to investigate your carnival, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what this current edition's topic was! I went to the Blog Carnival website and searched for genealogy related carnivals and yours did not show up in the results. I know you have a history angle, but if you put genealogy in the keywords, you may find some more users. I am just getting into posting things and I don't have a ton of posts to use to submit to the different carnivals out there so any time a new edition comes out, I have to create a blog entry first so I have something to submit! Hang in there! I will be ready for your next one! Maybe once you get sponsors, you can post the themes so we can look ahead for the year and be thinking about future themes for our blogs!