Thursday, June 4, 2009

73rd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy Posted!

The 73rd edition of the Carnival of Genealogy has been posted! You can read it here. The topic for the next edition will be on:

Swimsuit Edition! Why should Sports Illustrated have all the fun? This is your
chance to show off the bathing beauties in your family. Pull out the old photos
of Grandma Moses in her seaside bloomers, Auntie Mae in her pin-up girl suit
from the 1940s or 50s, cousin Paula in her psychedelic bikini from the 1970s, or
even yourself in your Speedo! Let's have some fun here! Memorial Weekend is
behind us and that means the start of the summer sun, sand, and lakeside season
so let's get in the mood with summer fun photos. What? You don't have any
swimsuit photos you dare to share? No problem! Tell us your best family beach
stories instead! The deadline for submissions is June 15th. This edition of the
COG will be hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene.



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