Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late Saturday Night Fun - My Ultimate Genealogy Goals ...

Randy posted another Saturday Night Fun challenge, and although I'm late in posting, I thought I would share my ultimate genealogy goals. So, here are my goals:

My ultimate genealogy goals (I have more than one) are to move as far back into my ancestry as is possible, and maybe, to eventually publish my research on my ancestors in a book. Of course, I haven't completely decided yet if I want to publish a book, but my guess is that I probably will when I am older. Additionally, I want to become certified as a genealogist, but I have yet to start the process to become one. Since I am fairly young, I have the rest of my life to complete my goals, and at a minimum, I have at least another 50 years or more to do so.

At the moment, I believe I am doing as much as I can do in my genealogy research as is possible. Since I am student, my priority is to complete my education first, and as a result, I can only spend time on my genealogy research when I have the free time. Could I possibly do better? I probably could be more efficient, but as I stated, with school being my first priority, my research is a secondary priority to school. I probably won't be able to spend most of my time on genealogy research until after I have reached retirement, but I think that would be fine.

So, those are my goals and what I am doing to accomplish them.

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