Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Night Fun - Dear Genea-Santa

For this Saturday Night Fun, Randy has challenged other genealogy bloggers to write a letter to the Genea-Santa listing one of our genealogy wishes, and I've decided to participate in this challenge. Here is my letter:

Dear Genea-Santa,

For this Christmas, I would like you to bring evidence that connects my ancestor, Adam Oswalt to the Benjamin Oswalt and William Oswalt living in Michigan. I believe they are brothers, but so far, the only evidence I have is circumstantial. I've tried to balance my genealogy research with my school work, and I think I have succeeded for the most part. I think I was able to help one genealogist with her research, if I remember correctly, but I haven't been able to do much more since I was busy.



(As a side note, I've finally finished writing my response to the Halloween version of the Saturday Night Fun, and you can read it here. I still have a couple more responses to past Saturday Night Fun challenges to post as well. I hope to finish those some time in the future. Please, stay tuned, and enjoy!)

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