Thursday, August 2, 2007

Next Edition of Carnival of Genealogy Posted

I just wanted to let everyone know that the latest edition of the Carnival of Genealogy has been posted at footnote Maven's blog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Library of Michigan Program

I just noticed on Ancestry's blog that the Library of Michigan has set up a class for kids on how to do genealogy. You can read Ancestry's article here. I would also read the article that Ancestry's blog provides a link to, and you can read that article here.

The title of the post, though, is a bit misleading because it states "Michigan State Library." When I first read the title, I thought the library at Michigan State University (MSU) was hosting the program. As a person from Michigan, whenever I see the phrase "Michigan State," I think of the university first. I guess I'm just too conditioned to think that way.

Monday, July 30, 2007

An Interesting Book

A few weeks ago, I went to one of the local libraries in the area that I live in, and found this book: Cripple Creek Days by Mabel Barbee Lee (Doubleday & Company, Inc.: Garden City, New York, 1958). (Okay, the library was giving away books it had decided to discard, and I got it for free.) I have not yet read this book, but it appears to be the author's memoir of Cripple Creek, Colorado's heyday.

So, if anyone is interested in the history of Cripple Creek, this probably would be a good book to read.

Another More Genealogy Blogs Posted Post

Today, I have just added several more genealogy posts. The posts added are:

  • Dick Eastman's Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
  • Bogus Corners
  • Family History Quest
  • World Vital Records blog
  • Sandra Rothman's Forgotten Ancestors: A Journey to Western Ukraine
  • Pat's a Journey into the Past
  • Genealogy Dribs and Drabs

If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions for other genealogy or history blogs, you are more than welcome to leave a comment with your suggestions.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Looking for Muskegon County, Michigan Family Histories

To be honest, I'm not looking for the family histories, but the Muskegon County Genealogical Society is. I only found out about this today from reading Miriam, of AncesStories, and Dear Myrtle's posts.

From what I have read, the society is planning to publish a book on family histories from Muskegon County.

Unfortunately, I don't have any roots in Muskegon County. Now, if a book for Saint Joseph County were to come out, I might be interested in sending a family history . . .

Tombstone Maker Website

I just learned about this website from reading Randy Seaver's post. On this website, you can create your own tombstone epitaph.

I thought it was an interesting site, so I decided to create a tombstone marker. Here is mine:

Update: July 30, 2007:

I also created a tombstone for one of my ancestors. I know where he is buried (now, after a wild goose chase), but he doesn't have a grave marker. So, I made him one. Here it is:

Okay, I know the epitaph is not the most original, but this was the best I could think of. Maybe someday I will tell the story of how I found his grave, but it won't be today.

Ancestry News - More Databases

In case you haven't noticed, Ancestry has added several databases for Australian genealogy. The link to the information can be found here:

Also, Ancestry has updated the British World War One Pension records. You can read about it here: