Friday, February 5, 2010

89th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy Posted!

The 89th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy has been posted! You can read it here. The topic for the next edition will be on

"The Third Annual iGene Awards, The Best of The Best! It's Academy awards time... time for the Academy of Genealogy and Family History, aka AGFH, to honor their best blog posts of 2009 in the following 5 categories:
  • Best Picture - Best old family photo that appeared on your blog in 2009. Tell us which you liked best and why.
  • Best Screen Play - Which family story that you shared in 2009 would make the best movie? Who would you cast as your family members?
  • Best Documentary - Which was the best informational article you wrote about a place, thing, or event involving your family's history in 2009?
  • Best Biography - Which was the best biographical article you wrote in 2009?
  • Best Comedy - Which was the best funny story, poem, joke, photo, or video that you shared on your blog in 2009?"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Google Analytics Report For January 2010

Well, another month has gone by, and that means that it is time for another Google Analytics Report! Here are the results for January 2010:

The top ten countries, in number of visits, are:
  1. United States - 361 visits
  2. Canada - 43 visits
  3. United Kingdom - 21 visits
  4. Australia - 13 visits
  5. Germany - 8 visits
  6. Netherlands - 6 visits
  7. Singapore - 4 visits
  8. Poland - 3 visits
  9. Israel - 3 visits
  10. Switzerland - 3 visits
The top ten states in the United States, in number of visits, are:
  1. California - 42 visits
  2. Texas - 29 visits
  3. Michigan - 29 visits
  4. Indiana - 22 visits
  5. Illinois - 21 visits
  6. New York - 20 visits
  7. Ohio - 17 visits
  8. Florida - 16 visits
  9. Washington - 14 visits
  10. Georgia - 14 visits
The top ten articles, in number of views, are:
  1. Surname Saturday - Can I Conclude That These Oswalts Are Related? - Part One - 30 views
  2. 25th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy - 29 views
  3. January Issue of the Shades Of The Departed Magazine Posted! - 19 views
  4. British World War One Records Updated! - 18 views
  5. Google Analytics Report For December 2009 - 17 views
  6. My 2010 Genealogy Resolutions - 16 views
  7. 88th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy Posted! - 16 views
  8. Update to Looking For 2010 Hosts ... - 15 views
  9. Trippstadt, Germany Civil Death Records, Part One: 1806-1829 - 14 views
  10. Update to the Carnival of Genealogy and Topic for the 88th Edition - 12 views
Well, that is it for this month's report. As always, I just want to say to my readers, "Thank you for reading this blog!" Enjoy and stay tuned for next month's report!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I've Been Up To Since Mid-December ...

As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted much recently, although I've wanted to do so. (At the time of this writing, I have about 13 backlogged articles that I am trying to finish and post.) Of course, I haven't had much time because I'm a grad student.

One of the articles I wanted to post was a summary of the genealogy research that I did over Christmas break. Well, it wasn't very much, but while I was doing research for my thesis at the Library of Michigan and State Archives of Michigan, I was able to do a few quick look-ups on a couple of branches. At the Archives, I discovered that my Klippel ancestor had filed a Declaration of Intent (I'll write about this later.), and in the Library, I found the burial records for a few Saint Joseph county ancestors and relatives. Unfortunately, I did not copy the burial records down as a result of being too tired from doing research for my thesis earlier in the day. Since I know where to find the burial information, I'll make sure to copy the information on my next visit to the Library of Michigan.

So, as you can see, I did not do very much genealogical research on my time off from school. Most of the time I did research for my thesis, or read the textbooks for my upcoming classes, and since I've returned back to school, I am still researching and reading for my classes. I do not know how many posts I will be able to publish in the upcoming months because of my school work, but I do hope to post whenever I can. So, there maybe periods of time when this blog is quiet, but it will be due to being busy with school work rather than neglect. Stay tuned for future articles ...