Thursday, April 22, 2010

2nd Edition of the Carnival of African American Genealogy Posted!

The 2nd edition of the Carnival of African American Genealogy has been posted! You can read it here. The topic for the next edition will be on

"They Served With Honor ~ In Memoriam, African-Americans In The Military 1914-1953

Host: Amy Cain of Reconnected Roots

Military research can yield important genealogical information. Yet, many overlook this valuable resource. Have you researched military records for your African American ancestors? In your research, what did you find out about their service? If you have not done any research in military records, this CoAAG presents the perfect opportunity to get started.

For the 3rd Edition of the CoAAG, tell us about your African American ancestor(s) who served in the military and write a post to honor them. If you don’t have an African American ancestor with military service, but know of one who served honorably make this an occasion to honor that person.

Submissions deadline: 12 May 2010"