Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here's My Best ...

The first genealogy awards are here! I've decided to maily focus on my posts from 2007. Since I began my blog in March of 2007, I had plenty of posts to review. I'll have to admit that this was not any easy post to write. I had a hard time choosing which posts to pick. Oh, and as a side note, everyone is free to disagree with me about my choices. Please don't feel hesitant to say whether you agree with my nominations or if you believe another post was worthy of the nomination. I appreciate any feedback. So, here are my nominations:

Best Picture: I realize that we were supposed to post old family pictures, but I've decided to post the picture I took of one of my ancestor's tombstone. (Everyone is free to disagree with me. I wasn't sure which picture to pick.)

Best Screen play: I guess the best post that would fit in this category would be this post: I Am My Own - Well Not Quite ... . I am not sure who I would want to play the parts of my ancestors and relatives. I really don't know enough of any of the personalities of any of the people that I mentioned in this post. I chose this post as I believed this was the closest to a screen play that I could find. Of course, the screen play of this post would probably fall under the category of comedy.

Best Documentary: I guess the best post that would fit into this category would be this post: One Puzzle Piece I Would Like to Solve. The only way that I can make this fit into the category of documentary is if it was portrayed as a historian searching for the answer by digging into old records. I can't think of any other way to portray this post and make it fit.

Best Biography: I have to admit, I don't have a post that fits into this category. The posts that I can come closest to are either one of my history book reviews or Speaking of the Know-Nothing Party. I guess the latter choice is the best pick as this was a brief analysis of the political leanings of a county where my ancestors once lived.

Best Comedy: My choice for this category is different from all of my other choices. First of all, this post was written this year, and secondly, my choice isn't a family story but a joke. My choice is Ten Signs You're Addicted to Genealogy. I think this was probably the funniest post that I wrote, but I could be wrong. If anyone disagrees with me or has a better choice from one of my other posts, please feel free to let me know.

And so, this ends my picks for the best of the best. This was fun, and I look forward to the next genealogy awards carnival.


Lidian said...

These were all terrific reads Jessica - thanks so much for the links. I am really intrigued by your Detwilers - please let us know if you find out anything more about Jacob and his wives!

Jewelgirl said...

Great stuff! But I
really liked your
comedy because
I am so addicted.
I can check off
almost every one
of the items on
the list!