Monday, February 4, 2008

Ten Signs You're Addicted to Genealogy ...

I've decided to take another stab at coming up with genealogy humor. After reading Chris Durham's post a few times, I could not help but come up with my own humorous post. (Or an attempt at it.)

So here are ten signs you're addicted to genealogy:

10. You have dreams where you see your family tree.

9. You are grumpy for most of the day if you do not get a chance to read articles from genealogy blogs or read about genealogy techniques.

8. You bring notebooks, pencils, and possibly tape recorders or camcorders to family gatherings, even if it is not for a holiday or special event.

7. You can remember what a first cousin five times removed is but you can't remember what you need to buy at the grocery store.

6. Family members run away from you when they see you coming towards them with a notebook and pencil in your hand.

5. You are always finding cousins related to you, no matter how distant, and introducing them to your family members.

4. Local archivists, librarians and county officials know you on a first name basis.

3. You write or speak about your ancestors as if you have known them your whole life.

2. You stop to transcribe the tombstones in every cemetery you drive by.

1. If you did not have to eat, sleep or work, you would spend all of your time at an archive.

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Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

Hi, Jessica,

Never leave home without a pencil, small notebook, digital camera and a copy of the latest tree printout. Of course we should likely also be carrying a spare DNA test kit as well - never know whom you'll meet!

Good list!