Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Scariest TV Moment ...

Cherry over at Nordic Blue posted about her scariest television moment, and challenged other bloggers to write about their memories. I've decided to participate, so here is my experience:

One of the scariest moments in television for me was when I was between the age of eight and twelve. (To be honest, I really don't remember anymore my exact age when this event occurred. I have much more of a vivid memory of the show that scared me.) My family and I were sitting around the television one night, and my Dad happened to surfing the channels to find something to watch. We ended up turning the channel to a show or made-for-TV movie called Cruel Intentions. I don't remember how long we watched the movie for, but I do remember we did not finish watching it. (It seems as though we watched it for a long time in my memory, but it probably wasn't that long.)

Anyhow, the movie happened to be about the murder of a man and the attempted murder of his wife whose children were in on the conspiracy to kill them both (or from what I remember.) Either way, the scene where the murder was replayed scared me, and for a while, I couldn't sleep very well since I was worried that would happen to me or my family. Even now, I still shiver from even thinking about that movie. Also, I had never heard of the game Dungeons and Dragons before, and since that time I have always associated that game with that movie. Even now, I still think of that game as sinister even though I have a better idea of what the game is. (In case anyone is confused, the game was where the killers came up with their evil ideas.) Since watching that portion of the movie, I have seen other versions of that movie advertised on television, but I refuse to watch it since I found the movie to be horrifying and just gruesomely sick. Personally, I wish movies like that were never made. It is just too sick and disturbing. (I am still horrified and shocked by those types of movies even today.)

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Janice said...


I grew up loving horror movies, and I'm still a fan of the old fashioned ones (mostly black and white versions). Nowadays I mostly like to watch "sweetness and light" movies like you do!