Monday, May 26, 2008

Those Who Served ...

Since today is Memorial Day, I thought I would briefly mention some of my known ancestors that served in the military, to honor them. I will mention ancestors who served up to World War Two. And my ancestors are:

World War Two
My grandfathers (Names are not mentioned for privacy reasons.)
World War One
My great-grandfather. (He served in the British Army in France. I don't know any more than that.)
Spanish-American War
I do not know of any possible ancestors or siblings that served in this war.
American Civil War
My ancestor, Adam, and his relatives. (As I mentioned before in two previous posts: here and here.)
Mexican-American War
At the moment, I do not know of any ancestors who might have served. (It may still be possible, though.)
War of 1812
I might have ancestor who served, if I can prove that John Householder was the father of Barbara Householder.
American Revolution
I don't know if I have any ancestors who served. I haven't had a chance to determine that yet.
As you can see, I still don't know all of the possible ancestors who might have served. I have only included the World Wars and American wars as though are the only wars that I am certain that I had ancestors serve in. I did not include European wars (outside of the World Wars) because I have not had a chance to research if any of my ancestors did serve in other wars.

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