Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out For A Picnic ...

A few days ago, I learned from a post on Terry's blog that Bill West had started a mini-meme/carnival on picnics, and I thought I would contribute some of my memories of family picnics.

Most of the time that my family has had a picnic has been due to either being part of a group or club event, part of a family trip, or part of a visit to a beach. At these picnics, we primarily ate hot dogs, chips and maybe potato salad. Sometimes, we had sandwiches instead of hot dogs. It just depended upon the situation. We mainly brought along food that could be kept in a cooler or could be made easily. In addition the food, we usually brought along cans of pop and bottles of water. Of course, one cannot forget to bring plates and utensils, and we primarily brought paper products along so that we could easily throw this stuff away. The stuff we brought was fairly simple as the simple stuff was easiest to bring along, and did not take very much time to prep or cook the food, if that was needed at all.

Many of my memories of family picnics mainly consist of stopping off somewhere to have lunch (instead of going to a restaurant) while we were on a family vacation. In that situation, we were most likely to eat sandwiches as that was the easiest to bring along on a car trip. As you can see, our family picnics were pretty simple and basic.

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