Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know Jessica's Genejournal

Terry Thornton has issued a challenge for genealogy bloggers to post an article about themselves and their best posts, and I thought I would participate as well. So, here goes my attempt:

My name is Jessica Oswalt, and as the author of Jessica's Genejournal, I try to write articles that deal with genealogy research and history. Most of the articles dealing with genealogy research primarily deal with my experiences and searches into my own family history or with recent genealogy news. Even though I am studying history, I have not yet posted any history articles on my blog, but I am planning to eventually post some articles on an event in history or on the history of a location. One of my goals in the future is to post a well-researched article and submit it to a history carnival. Even though I have mostly focused on genealogy, I am hoping that my articles will either spark interest into family history or just into history in general.

And to give even further proof of my goals, here are my three best articles:

For the category of brightest (a.k.a. best) article, I have chosen Genealogy and History Thoughts Column 14 - My Thoughts on Another "Genealogy is Bunk" Article. Column 14 is my apologia, in a way, explaining why doing research into one's own family history is important, and I chose this column primarily because I believe it is the best article I written so far in arguing why genealogy is important.

For the category of breeziest article, I have chosen Ten Signs You're Addicted to Genealogy. So far, I believe this article has been my best attempt at finding humor in genealogy, and therefore, I chose it for that reason alone.

For the category of most beautiful, I have chosen I Am My Own - Well Not Quite .... I believe this article happens to be one of my best analysis of a part of my family research.

Of course, those are my three best in my opinion. If you disagree with my choices, please leave me a comment with the three articles/posts that you believe are my best. I will not be offended, but I do appreciate it when people do leave comments as I never really know which posts my readers truly enjoy. As always, I am a work-in-progress, and any feedback or suggestions do help me become a better blog writer. I still feel new to blogging even though I have been blogging for over a year now, and in consequence, reader feedback is one of my ways of determining how well I have written my posts.


Amy said...

I enjoyed reading your selections for the "Getting to Know Me" event.


wendy said...

Jessica - I check out your blog daily & enjoyed your selections.