Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another New Poll!

I've just created a new poll to determine which eras in Michigan's history interest my readers. I probably will not be posting any articles on Michigan's history until next year, but I want to find out what my readers would be interested in reading, so that I can start to do research on topics from a time period.

Here are the choices for time periods:
  • Pre-1763
  • 1763-1796
  • 1796-1837
  • 1837-1865
  • 1865-1900
  • 1900-Present

As to how I chose the time periods, I just focused on different time periods that I thought would work well for this poll. I don't know if historians would divide Michigan's history in the way I did, but the first three time periods were chosen based upon when Michigan was a colony of the French and the British, when the United States gained control of Michigan, and when Michigan became a state. You can choose more than one time period for this poll. Enjoy!

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