Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Challenge: The Polish History and Culture Challenge!

I just happened to learn about a new challenge, the Polish History and Culture Challenge, when I visited Donna's blog today. Articles in the categories of genealogy, history and culture will be accepted, and even if you do not have Polish ancestry, you can still participate.

As far as I know, I do not have any Polish ancestry although that could change as I do more research on my German ancestors from the Russian Empire. I do know that they spoke Polish in addition to German, so anything is possible. I do hope to participate in this challenge, so stay tuned for future posts on Polish culture and history. Enjoy!


Sheri said...

Are your ancestors Germans from Russia? Mine are. They came from a village called Obermonjou in the Volga River Valley. The whole town picked up and moved to Ellis County, Kansas in 1878.

Sheri Fenley

Jessica's thoughts said...

Hi Sheri,

One branch of my German ancestors were from the Russian Empire, but from what I know, they were from the area of Lithuania. I don't know too much about them, and I hope to obtain my ancestor's naturalization papers to find out where he was born.