Saturday, February 7, 2009

Updates in FamilySearch's Record Search

I just happened to take a look at FamilySearch's Record Search and noticed that the Michigan deaths and marriages databases were updated yesterday. Although the death records will still only show the first half of the record, if you click the next button, you will now see the other half of the page. As for the marriage records, I haven't noticed what was changed or updated, but I will let everyone know once I have looked at the database. I hope this helps. Enjoy!


Miriam said...

Thanks for the notification, Jessica. I'm going to check these out now!

M. Diane Rogers said...

Excellent news, Jessica. Thanks! I'll be busy later copying death registration 'other halves'.

MrDolomite said...

Ok, I'll bite, how do you get to just the Michigan information? When I do searches, even when limiting to Michigan, it is returning information from the Social Security Death Index, not any Michigan-specific database.