Thursday, December 27, 2007

Irish Research

I do not have any experience in researching Irish genealogy. I do have a couple of ancestors who were born in Ireland, but I'm not sure if they are Irish or Scottish. I haven't had much time to do research on those ancestors, so I don't know much about Irish records. I know more about English records, although my research has only been done on a long distance basis.

I do know, though, that FamilySearch Indexing is working on indexing the births, marriages and death indexes for Ireland at the moment as I have helped to index a couple of images. These index books, unsurprisingly, look like the indexes for England and Wales. (Ancestry and Free BMD do have images of the pages of the England and Wales' books' on their sites.)

Outside of that, I do not know anything about Irish records. Hopefully, I'll get some time in the summer to read up on the subject.


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Hi Jessica -

Thanks for your entry for the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture. I'd be interested in the links to the sites you mentioned if you'd like to include them.


Barbara said...

Hello Jessica,
Happy New Year !
I 'am a fellow carnival participant who is new with Irish research. So, it is good to see what everyone can contribute.
Irish research is going to be important for myself, as I also have 4 other known branches there
( Burke,Haines,McEntee and Morris), who all lived in PA.

It is nice to discover your blog.