Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Music That Defined Me ...

Tim Abbot started this meme by asking, "What music defined you during your formative years?" In other words, what music defined you in your teenage and college years. To be honest, I think this might be a little difficult for me to answer, but I'll still try. Since I'm still in college, I might have to go back a bit farther than my teenage years to answer this question.

I like several different types of music ranging from classical music to classic rock to country music, and that is probably due in part to the music my mom and dad played in the house and in the car. The primary reason why I like classical music is because my mom played (and still plays) the piano, and I always loved hearing her play the piano as a child. (Actually, I still do.) Of course, in the car, my parents primarily played classic rock and soft rock radio channels (and later, CDs), so I ended up liked to listen to the Eagles, Journey, REO Speedwagon, etc.

I don't exactly remember when my parents started listening to country music. I really can't remember either one of them listening to country until the mid-90s when we first got CDs. One of the first CDs we had was a CD of the Country band, Alabama. Alabama became my first favorite band that I liked to listen to, and the band is still one of my favorite Country bands. I still do listen to country music at times, and a few of the many Country artists that I like are: Toby Keith, Faith Hill, Rascal Flats, and Montgomery Gentry.

As for Christian music, my first exposure to Contemporary Christian music was probably from the Amy Grant piano music that I would hear my mom play. As for listening to the actual artists, I think my first exposure occurred around the same time as my exposure to country music. The first two Christian CDs that I can remember my family having were of Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. Even though these two Christian singers are still among my favorite Contemporary Christian artists that I like to listen to, I also like listening to Casting Crowns, MercyMe and other groups whose names that I can't think of off the top of head at the moment.

Currently, up at college, I primarily listen to Contemporary Christian and Country music, although I spend more time listening to Contemporary Christian music more than anything else. As you can see, my interests in music have a large range of difference between them.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Jessica - one artist that you might like since his one and only album combines both classical and Christian music is Joy in the Journey by John Catchings. Very hard to find but try the samples on the iTunes store.

John Catchings is a cellist (that is my favorite classical music) who has played backup to almost every major rock act including Elton John, David Bowie etc. His album has all the old standard hymns done in some creative arrangements - the work is really amazing.

Jessica's thoughts said...

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the tip. I'll have to check him out.