Monday, May 18, 2009

Madness Monday - Irene Havens, Part 6

As you may remember from my previous post, I ended the article before I revealed the information I learned about Clarissa's marriages from Jim just before Christmas.

So, what did Jim uncover for me? Well, he uncovered the dates of Clarissa's marriages to Archibald Mandigo and Darwin Havens and who the official was at the weddings. For Clarissa's first marriage, which was to Darwin Havens, a Rochester city alderman was the official at the wedding, and thus, if I want to uncover any further information on the wedding, I'll have to look and see if there were any civil records created by the city for that marriage. (Does anyone know where I can find marriage records from the late-1840s for Rochester or Monroe County?) As for Clarissa's second marriage, Jim uncovered the name of the pastor and the church where the marriage occurred. So, now that I have a possible religious belief for Clarissa, I'll have to order the records from the church and see if I can find more information on my Havens ancestors.

Now that I have a more solid connection between the Havens and Mandigos through Clarissa, I need to do more research in Saint Joseph County, Michigan to see if I can uncover more information on my ancestor and Clarissa. I'll have to find out when Clarissa died and if Archibald Mandigo left anything to Clarissa's step-children in a will or probate record.

Of course, I still have several questions that I need to answer about the Havens and Mandigo families, not only in Michigan but also in Rochester? Is this Darwin Havens my ancestor's father? At the moment, I do not know, but in my next post, I'll write about some other records that I took a second look at recently. Stay tuned ...

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