Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Summer Reading Challenge!

As you may or not remember, I participated last year in reading challenge where I had to read five non-fiction books, and I wanted to do so again this year. Until today, I had no idea as to whether or not the challenge was still occurring, but I happened to find the link here. So, stay tuned for this summer's reviews. Enjoy!

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Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Hey Jessica--glad you were able to find the challenge. Joy hosted the challenge the past two years, but she passed the torch to me this year. There was a Mister Linky, but Mister Linky is having problems, so until it is fixed there are no "official" sign ups--although there are about 85 other people doing the challenge.

Each month I'll put up a post where people can leave their links (there's one on for May up already and will be a new one for June on Monday). Since Mister Linky is down, I'll just let you guys put your url for the books you've read in the comments section and I'll try to put the links in the body of the post. Haven't quite figured out what to do about that yet--bummer that Linky is down! :-/ Anyway--probably all more than you wanted to know. In short--you're signed up. Good luck! And let me know if you have questions.