Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ancestry has teamed up with a Genetics company

I realize that I am little behind on writting about Ancestry's new partnership with a genetics company. Ancestry's blog posted this article on their blog within the past few days:

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I haven't given much thought about genetic genealogy primarily because I have only been doing genealogy for the past four years. Personally, I think genealogy is much more interesting and fun when one is digging through old documents. My concern is that if Ancestry is going to have DNA data put into an electronic system, they will charge an extreme amount for other people to access. Also, if DNA data is going to be digitized and available on the internet, wouldn't that information be easily stolen by hackers? I know that this concerns may seem to be trivial, but has anyone taken any consideration of the consequences of what Ancestry and Sorenson Genetics are doing?

It would be nice if the price of DNA testing kits dropped; then it would be much easier for those who are interested in genetic genealogy to take time to have their DNA tested. Since I really do not know much about genetic genealogy, I don't believe I have the qualifications to write very much on genetic genealogy.

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