Friday, June 22, 2007

More Genealogy blogs posted

Over the past several weeks, I have posted links to several different genealogy blogs. Since I added links several blogs in the past several weeks, I don't remember when I posted all of the new ones, so if I miss mentioning the name of a blog, it is not intentional and you have my apologies.

Some of the blogs I have posted links to recently are:

  • FamilySearch's FamilySearch Labs
  • Jasia's Creative Gene
  • Becky Wiseman's Kinexxions blog
  • Miram's 'AnceStories: The Stories of my ancestors'
  • Nancy Robertson's 'News from Nancy, State Librarian of Michigan'

If anyone has any other genealogy blogs that they want listed or should be listed, just post the name and a link in the comments. I welcome all suggestions.


Jasia said...

Thanks for the link, Jessica! I appreciate it!

Besides my Creative Gene blog, I also have a new blog called Creative Genealogy at Stop by and check it out some time!

It's always a treat for me to discover genealogy bloggers from Michigan (at least I assume you are from Michigan).

Nice blog you have going!

Miriam said...

Jessica, thank you for adding me to your list! I found you through my Google Alerts; it searches for new sites and blogs with "genealogy + michigan" in them and e-mails the links to me.

You have listed some terrific-sounding books, and I will have to check them out for my summer reading. I look forward to visiting your blog again!