Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Interesting Keywords Used to Find My Blog ...

As I have mentioned before, I use Google Analytics to keep track of how many people visit my blog on a daily basis. One of the features of this service is that keywords used to find my blog are tracked. I hadn't looked at the different keywords used in awhile, and discovered that most of the keywords used relate to topics I had posted on. I did, though, find a few interesting posts, and I thought I would just post some of the interesting and strange keywords that I noticed:
  • Jessica Scahill
  • so punctuation
  • "stolen by Ancestry"
  • "Jessica*"" world history"
  • a summary of the random family book Jessica
  • analysis of poem picture puzzle piece
  • Barbara Ainscough youtube
  • call of the wild, buck's personality traits
  • Eastern European facial features
  • facial characteristics of Eastern European people
  • genealogy more my mother or father closer to traits
  • How do I find my ancestors?
  • George Edward Detwiler
  • Jessica Caroll Salem II
  • Jessica death huntingdon co.
  • What kind of people where [sic] in the know nothing party?
  • useful technologies in the old days
  • What's my ancestry?

I realize this is quite a few keywords to list, but these were the ones that caught my attention. I found a couple of the search terms to be funny, but some of them did not make any sense to me as they do not relate to anything that I had posted.

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