Friday, May 16, 2008

Went To The Local Family History Center Yesterday ...

Yes, I was finally able to go to the local Family History Center in my area yesterday. I've been there a handful times before, but this was my first visit to the place this year. So, what did I do there? Well, I ordered a couple of microfilms; one from the local church my ancestors in England lived nearby, and the other microfilm was of death records from the town a couple of my German ancestors had lived.

I also did a little bit of research into death records for Bay and Saginaw counties. I found the death record for one my ancestor's sister-in-law, but I was still unable to find a death record for my ancestor. From looking at the Saginaw's city directories for 1883 and 1887, I'm guessing he died sometime those years, but I still can't find anything yet. (I'll have to check the 1884 state census to see if he was still alive then. That should help narrow his death down even more.) I also looked at some Saint Joseph County records. I might have found some new information, but I'm not sure yet. That is, until I can prove that person is connected to my ancestor.

In all, I did not have a very successful research day. Well, since I did find a little information, I guess that is better than not finding anything new. Hopefully, I'll be able to find more information when those two microfilms come into the center. I'll keep you informed if I find anything.

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