Thursday, June 5, 2008

Speaking of Lighthouses ...

I just happened to notice an article on yahoo about the discovery of a missing lighthouse. You can read the article here. Also, I happened to notice Harold's post mentioning another blog article on Michigan lighthouses a couple of days ago. (The blog Harold mentions is Michigan Civil War Blog.)

And speaking of Great Lakes Lighthouses, if anyone wants to read a couple of books or just start reading on Great Lakes lighthouses, I would suggest that he or she take a look at these books:
  • Lighthouse Adventure: Heroes, Haunts & Havoc On The Great Lakes by Wes Oleszewski
  • Great Lakes Lighthouse Tales by Frederick Stonehouse
  • Keepers of Valor: Lighthouse, Lake Boats & Lifesavers by Wes Oleszewski
  • The Northern Lights: Lighthouses of the Upper Great Lakes by Charles K. Hyde, Ann Mahan, and John Mahan
  • Great Lakes Lighthouses: American and Canadian by Wes Oleszewski

These are just a few of the books that I can think of that are on the Great Lakes lighthouses. There are quite a few books on the subject. Of the books I have listed, the only one that I have not read is Great Lakes Lighthouses: America and Canadian. I am making a few suggestions as to where one might want to start reading to learn about the lighthouses of the Great Lakes. Another post, I'll list books that I have read on Great Lakes shipwrecks. (Yes, it was also a subject I liked to read about when I was younger.)

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