Friday, June 20, 2008

Week of June 15, 2008: More Genealogy and History Blogs Added!

Over this past week or so, I've added a few more new genealogy and history blogs to the lists. I have also relinked to genealogy blogs that I had linked to before. I think I've got all of the blogs listed from before, but I don't completely remember. If I've missed your blog, please let me know. Thanks. (Oh, unless I state where I found these blogs, I have most likely found them listed either in the Carnival of Genealogy of Chris' Blog Finder.) The blogs added are:
  • The History Man - (I learned about this blog from Wig-wag's post)
  • African-American History & Genealogy in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Ahnentafel
  • West Country Genealogy
  • TwigTalk
  • The Guilford Genealogist Blog
  • Routes and Roots - discovering South Africa, past and present
  • Roanoke Beacon Blog
  • Louisiana Genealogy Blog
  • Jackson County, Indiana - (I learned about this blog from Harold's post.)
  • HistoricalTownMaps Blog
  • Forest County Historical Society
  • East Coast Genealogy

Well, I think that is all of the new blogs added recently. You can find the genealogy blogs to the left side of the page and the history blogs to the right side of the blog.


alwierz said...

Cool link: ( a variety of genealogy blogs. Thanks!

Taneya said...

thanks for adding two more of my blogs! :-)