Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Brief Try-out of Ancestry's World Archives Program ...

Yesterday, I received an e-mail that I could participate in Ancestry's World Archives Indexing program. I originally signed up to be notified because I was curious, and I decided to download the program. After I downloaded the picture, I decided to index an image set.

After downloading the image set, I had to go through three steps to before I could even begin indexing the image. (And I had to do that for every image in the set.) One of the steps was in choosing the layout of the image, and another step was to set the boundaries for the highlighting. Only after those steps was I able to begin indexing.

Personally, I think FamilySearch's indexing program is easier to use and more user-friendly. When it comes to indexing the images, I only have to download it, and I can than start indexing the image. With Ancestry's program, I have to go through other steps before I can even get to the indexing. To be honest, I do not want spend the extra time setting up the image when I can just instantly download an image from another indexing program and start indexing. So, I just decided that using Ancestry's program was not worth my time and uninstalled the program. To be fair, though, Ancestry's program is much different from FamilySearch's program. I just happen to prefer FamilySearch's program over Ancestry's when it comes to indexing images.

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