Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh, It Just Gets Better and Better ...

I realize this does not have anything to do with genealogy, but I can't resist posting on this one. I just heard on the news last night that the mayor of Detroit is being accused of assaulting a police officer. Of course, this man is just digging himself a bigger hole for himself. For those who don't know, the mayor is already facing charges of lying under oath about his affair with his chief of staff, and his text messages to her have been released to the public. Of course, what supposedly started the text message scandal was that the police were trying to investigate the murder of an exotic dancer. This dancer had apparently been at a party at the mayor's mansion, and was supposedly beaten up the mayor's wife. She, the dancer, filed a complaint with the police and was later found murdered. If I remember all of this correctly, the mayor somehow interfered with the investigation. (At least this is what I read. I'm not completely sure of the specifics.) Either way, the situation is pretty bad and the mayor refuses to resign from office. The city council is trying to impeach him (or remove him from office), and to make this situation even more interesting, this council is supposedly also under investigation as well but I forget what the reason is. In short, the government in Detroit is just full of corruption. (And nothing seems to get better in Detroit.)

Well, that is my little spiel about the situation in Detroit. I try to keep this blog free from my political thoughts, but I could not resist this time. I just find the whole, sad situation with Detroit sickening. I think the Detroit city government needs to be completely changed.

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