Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Searching For My Ancestors: My Research Plan and Goals For My Ancestors Born in Scotland and Ireland

Although I have briefly mentioned before that I might have Irish or Scot-Irish ancestors, I have never posted any information on that family on this blog. To be honest, I hardly know anything about these ancestors. I primarily know that my great-grandfather was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and that his parents were born in Ireland. Other than dates of deaths for his parents, and names of a few siblings, I do not have much more on this family other than family tradition.

I have not spent as much time researching this family as I have with other ancestors only because I am still learning about how to do Scottish and Irish genealogy. I would love to do more research on this family, but it does not appear that I will have much more time to do research this year. Of course, I'll probably have time next year, so here are some of my goals and plans for doing research into this family:

  • Find all of the birth records for my great-grandfather's siblings who were born in Scotland, and then in Ireland.
  • Look for my great-great-grandparents' marriage record in Ireland. My great-grandfather's birth record listed his parents marriage as occurring in Antrim County, Ireland in December 1865. I think I should start my research into Ireland there.
  • Find out when my ancestors came to Glasgow, Scotland from Ireland. (I still do not have an idea. I have found the family in 1891 census and my great-grandfather in the 1901 census. I have not yet found the family in the 1881 census for Scotland.)
  • Since I already have information on when my great-great-grandparents died in Scotland, I probably should look for a will or probate record. In addition, I should probably look for an inquest record on my great-great-grandfather's death, since he died in an accident.
  • And of course, before I do any of the above, I should familiarize myself some more with Scottish and Irish records.

I think this is a good start. I can't think of anything else I should do. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about what I should, please leave me a comment. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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