Friday, January 18, 2008

1808: Where Were My Ancestors?

"Where were your ancestors in 1808?" That is the question that Donna over at What's Past is Prologue has posted. Her post is similar to the challenge that Lisa of 100 Years in America posted, except that the year is 1808 and not 1908.

So, where were my ancestors? Well, the question was not an easy one for me to answer. I have only been able to research back to about the 1820s and to the mid-19th century on my lines, and therefore, I am not completely sure as to where my ancestors were.

For a few lines, I can make an educated guess about the location of some of my ancestors. For my British ancestors, all I can say is that some of them would have been living in the county of the Lancashire. (My ancestors lived in various towns of the county.) As for the rest of my British ancestors, I can't get any more specific.

Three of my American lines go back to Pennsylvania. I can't exactly state where these ancestors were at, but the ancestors of these lines should have been living in Pennsylvania at this time.

As for my German ancestors, I can't state with any certainty which kingdom they lived in, nor do I know with any certainty which towns or villages they lived.

So, as you can see, I have quite a few holes in my research going back to this date. I know less about the location of my ancestors in this year than I did for them in 1908.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica, holes in research are okay because that gives you something to strive for! Your background sounds interesting with so many different places. And if you're back to the 1820s, you're not too far from 1808! Thanks for taking up the challenge!