Monday, January 28, 2008

3rd Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy

It is time for the third edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern Genealogy. The topic for this carnival was stories. The stories could range from ancestral stories to folklore to history.

First off, we have 1775: Yemelyan Pugachev written by Jason of Executed Today. This article gives information and background on the man who led an uprising against Catherine the Great of Russia and also alludes to the uprising's impact upon Russian literature.

Next, we have two articles, Snapshot 1908, Galician Partition of Poland and Snapshot 1908, Russian Partition of Poland written by Jasia of Creative Gene. These articles deal with what Jasia's grandparents' lives would have been like in their ancestral villages in the year 1908.

Now, last but not least, we have Travel Writing Contest! written by Michael of Traveling Stories Magazine. As the title of the article suggests, this article is about a writing contest. Although this article does not relate to Central or Eastern Europe, I have included it as it still fits into the stories category.

And so that ends this carnival. The topic for the next carnival is a carousel. Article topics for this carnival can deal with stories, traditions, food, history, etc. of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The deadline for the next edition of the carnival will be February 18th. You can submit your article here.


Miriam Robbins said...
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Miriam Robbins said...

Jessica, I'm considering participating in your next Carnival. Although I don't have ancestry from Central or Eastern Europe, I'd like to add a post about my great-grandfather's experiences in the American North Russian Expeditionary Forces at the end of World War I. Participating in your carnival will be a good way to get motivated to continue my series about him!