Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some Useful Technology For Genealogy?

"What technology do you most rely on for your genealogy and family history research?" Well, that happens to be the question for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, and I'll confess, it is not a question that I can easily answer. I could only choose three items, one each from the categories of hardware, software and website. So, which three items did I choose? Here's my choices:

Hardware: For the hardware category, I would have to say that a ubs 2.0 flash drive has been one of the items I have relied the most on. (I couldn't choose my computer.) I have a flash drive that I use to store my genealogy software and family tree. Of course, I must state that this flash drive is also password protected. I would not put my family tree on a flash drive that did not have a password-protected component to it. There are many different ubs drives out there at different prices and storage capacities. The flash drive that I use for my genealogy has 256 MB of space on it. I keep my genealogy files and genealogy software on this flash drive. (I must state that I have other flash drives that I use for school.)

Software: For the software category, I would have to nominate the genealogy program that I use. I use Family Trees Quick and Easy, version 5. How did I come to choose this program? Well, a few years ago, my college's bookstore was selling some computer programs for five dollars or less, and I happened to notice that one of the programs was a family tree program. Since I already knew what the price for other family trees programs were being sold at, I bought the program because it was such a bargain. Even though I have tried some other free and demo versions of family trees, I have never been impressed by those programs. I like the program that I use, and I am happy with the program.

Website: For me, this category was the most difficult for me to make a decision. For the moment, I think I'll have to go with Rootsweb's message boards. As there are many different categories and topics for queries, I think many novice genealogist could find a lot of information on how to do genealogy research or where to find records. (I had a hard time coming up with this answer as there are many websites and blogs that I visit, and this was best I could do at the moment.)

So there are my three choices. Do you agree or disagree with me? As always you can leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post. Your software choice got me to thinking and I looked in my software cabinet and found the original software I used for my family tree, Easy Family Tree by Sierra. It was definitely easy to use but had very few features on it. It was nice going back and looking at it and remembering the good old days when I was just starting out on my research.

I agree with Rootsweb. I have used their Message Boards so much and to this day I still subscribe to several of the mailing lists. I also enjoy their family trees.

Great post!

footnoteMaven said...


Great post, I have just one concern. I have purchased two flash drives recently (and not cheap either) and had one of them fail, with scanned photos on it. The information could not be recovered.

Do you backup your information to a DVD or CD Rom as well? I didn't, and had to do it all over again.


Sharon said...

I use Family Trees Quick & Easy too. Simple, straight forward, gets the job done. Love it!

Janice said...


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