Monday, August 25, 2008

Such Lovely Hairstyles, But Who Are They?

As you may remember, I mentioned earlier in the summer that I was scanning some old photographs. Well, this photo happened to be one over a hundred photos in an album kept by my great-aunt. Unfortunately, not all of the photos were labeled, and this happened to be one of those that were not. I chose the above photograph out of the others based upon the hairstyles of the two girls standing to the right side of the girl holding the flowers. Outside of where this picture came from, I do not have any other information. I do not know the names of any of these girls, and I do not know if they are related to my family or not. My first inclination would be to suspect that they might be connected, but then again, there are a few photos in the album that were of friends of my great-aunt. I am uncertain as to where this photo was taken, but if the girls are connected to my family, it could have been possibly taken in either Detroit, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, or Elizabeth, New Jersey. Of course, I do not know for sure, but those are my first three guesses based upon what I know from researching that side of the family.

If anyone has any idea of who these girls are or when and where this picture was taken, please contact me either by leaving a comment or by sending an e-mail to jess_history at yahoo dot com with the tag line mystery group of girls. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know who your girls were, or where the picture was taken, but if I was to hazard a guess about the era, I would say it was the mid 1920's. The reason being, I have a photo of my mom and her siblings with those same hair-dos and mom was born in 1923.