Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Genealogy and History Blogs Added in the Past Month or So ...

Over this past month or so, I have added several more genealogy and history blogs. Actually, it was more than several. I've added so many (at least it feels that way) that I can't remember all of the ones I added or where I found out about many of them. So here are some of the blogs I added:
  • Fermazin Family Genealogy
  • Milwaukee Germans
  • Civil War History
  • Edwardian Promenade
  • Frontier Battles
  • History's Mysteries
  • Jane Austin's World
  • Victorian Times
  • Eleanor Blog
  • From Axer to Ziegler
  • Genealogy Friends
  • Gray Roots Are Showing
  • Illinois Roots
  • iPentimento

There were a few other blogs that I added, but I can't remember now which ones they were. Anyhow, I learned about these blogs from a variety of sources. Some were from other history blogs and genealogy blogs. Unfortunately, I don't remember which ones they were at the moment. When I do remember, I will post an update.

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