Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking For My German Ancestors: Part 6

In my previous post, I started to write about my research into Anna's ancestry, and I mentioned that I would write about her family's connection to Cleveland, Ohio. I want to continue writing about Anna's family, and I hope to mention her family's connection to that city.

After Anna, her parents and her siblings entered to the U. S. in February of 1864, they eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Exactly when they did so, I am uncertain at the moment, but I do know that by the 1870 census, they were living in Cleveland. (They might have lived in New Jersey for a couple of years as a few records suggest Anna's brother, Jacob, was born there.) As I mentioned in the earlier post, Anna and her family were living in Cleveland at least until 1876 when her parents are last mentioned in the Cuyahoga County deed records, but what I did not mention was that Anna's older brother, Adolph, continued to live in Cleveland after the rest of the family moved to Saginaw, Michigan. (By the 1880 census, at least, he was living there.) Of course, I do not know why Adolph chose to stay in Cleveland, but he still had family members who remained in the city. Adolph's uncle, William worked as an insurance agent in the city, and land records indicate that they sold and bought land from each other.

Between 1880 and 1894, Adolph and Anna's brother, Jacob, moved back to Cleveland. Exactly when he did, I haven't determined yet, but he had to have been living there by 1894 when he got married. After 1900, their brother, Henry, and sister, Emilia, would also move to Cleveland, although I haven't determined when that was exactly. (And I don't know why they moved back either. It could be possible that they wanted to be near family.) Interestingly, Anna and Carl would move their family to Cleveland for a few years as well, but they eventually returned to Michigan, finally settling in Detroit. Whatever the reasons were for Anna's family to move back to Cleveland, it's probably safe to conclude that they liked living there.

In my next post I will continue to focus on Anna's family and write more about her maternal side of the family. Enjoy!

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