Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finding Cousins ...

I couldn't help but notice that Randy Seaver posted an article on finding living cousins, and I have decided to explain how I found a couple of cousins.

So, how did I find a couple distant cousins? Well, I found one cousin from the family tree that that person had posted. I found two other cousins from message board queries they had posted. Of course, I must state that I only found these people because they posted either looking for information on their family or posted their family tree that connected with a branch of my tree. Outside of those methods, I have not connected with any other distant cousins. I think the main reason I was able to find a couple of cousins is that those cousins were searching for information and wanted to be found. Of course, I have posted responses to other queries and have not received a response as that person did not update his or her e-mail. I guess that is just one of the realities that we must all face when searching for cousins.

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